Our partners

Benefit from the knowledge of our partners, who we work in close cooperation with. We are constantly enhancing our skills in order to achieve the optimum quality for your technical documentation.

SCHEMA Consulting GmbH

  • Our SCHEMA ST4 product is an XML‐based standard software product that efficiently supports you in the preparation, management and publication of your multilingual product information.
  • The SCHEMA editorial and content management solutions offer wide‐ranging functions. ST4 standard solution and freely configurable system ‐ this is the flexibility of the SCHEMA solutions.
  • The range of applications and branches in which SCHEMA ST4 is used is also correspondingly varied: It is used for a wide range of applications: Preparation of marketing documents, product catalogs, technical documentation in machine, plant, and electrical engineering, context‐sensitive online help in the software sector, preparation of packaging materials and package leaflets in the life sciences sector.
  • We offer high‐performance out‐of‐the‐box tools that are attractive particularly to medium‐sized companies and small editorial departments.
  • Our clients include notable companies that are already using solutions based on SCHEMA ST4. You can find more information at www.schema.de.
SCHEMA Bronze Partner
SCHEMA Consultant
SMA Service Provider
SCHEMA Translation Service Provider

CDS Innovation&Funding

  • CDS Innovation&Funding GmbH - the organization consultancy with a unique character. Our main areas of specialization are technology promotion, organization development and project management.
  • We specialize in implementing innovative ideas in the technical field in eligible projects and competently and professionally raising funds. Our fee is performance‐based.
  • Are you looking for the potential to strengthen your company against future challenges? We work out solutions with you and your employees for a modern company and management culture.
  • Would you like to successfully and precisely implement your project? We use our methodological knowledge and decades of experience to work with you and your team to get every project right on.
  • You can find more information at www.cdsinno.de.

CPI buchbücher.de GmbH

  • CPI books
    is a Europe-wide book producer with 16 locations in France, England and Germany, the Czech Republic, Holland, Spain and Switzerland.
    Key data: 400 million printed books p.a./approx. 3,200 employees/16 locations
  • CPI Deutschland
    is steeped in tradition with its Clausen & Bosse and Ebner & Spiegel locations. Today, the German group produces in any run size from 1 copy.
    Key data: 126 million printed books p.a./1,200 employees/5 printing plants
  • CPI buchbücher.de
    near Bamberg is specialized in small editions in black and white and color. The subsidiary buchbücher.ch in the canton of Berne produces strategically valuable books for Switzerland in Switzerland.
    Key data: 26,000 orders + photo book business/1 million printed books p.a./60 employees

Studio Reges Auge GmbH

  • Reges Auge is a creative client‐oriented advertising agency that offers comprehensive services to the print and online sector in a results‐based and cost‐transparent manner.
  • Our service is geared toward projects in the print and online sector and encompasses areas from concept to layout as well as final artwork and image retouching, text and product photography. On request we complete our printed product service with the delivery of the print media to the final recipient.
  • In addition to the goal‐oriented creative services, clients of Reges Auge value, above all, clearly defined project steps and their on‐schedule implementation. Trade fair dates, events and catalog presentations, among others, are not randomly postponed ‐ we are a reliable partner.
  • You can and would expect creativity from an advertising agency, but we deliver too. Because we don't depend on individual sectors, we can offer many new ideas which we are happy to discuss with you.

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