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Inspection of your documentation

We review your products if you want to place them on the European market. With each of our analysis packages, you receive an analysis report that includes a complete overview of the optimization potential and specific proposed solutions.

  • Review according to DIN EN 82079‐1
  • Modular design of the analysis package
  • Topics will be reviewed by corresponding specialists
  • The result is an analysis report with specific proposed solutions.
  • Cost saving by means of process optimization

A2 creates templates in SCHEMA ST4

A professional layout design is an essential element to make a manual comprehensible and legible.

Our specialists create templates for DTP programs and content management systems according to your requirements and normative specifications (e.g. DIN EN 82079-1).

Practice‐oriented preparation of layouts

Your benefits

  • Technical editors create your layout
  • Observation of valid standards (e.g., DIN EN 82079‐1, ANSI Z.535)
  • Client‐specific preparation (observation of your CI guidelines)
  • Cost saving by means of a functional template


  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Adobe InDesign
  • JustSystems XMetaL
  • Microsoft Word
  • and many more.

Do you want to modify or prepare layouts in other editorial systems (e.g., COSIMA go!, Author‐It)? Talk to us.

A layout should speak to the user, adapt to the medium and be clearly structured and easy to read.

SCHEMA Bronze Partner
SCHEMA Berater
SCHEMA Dienstleister
SCHEMA Übersetzungsdienstleister

SCHEMA ST4 Premium Service

Studies have shown that companies that implemented their own editorial system with their own resources would have done two essential items differently:

  • Enhanced and improved the planning and design phase
  • Obtained advice from experts with experience in CMS or from a consultancy firm

Benefit from our experience and concentrate on your core tasks.

Our aim ‐ the perfect client‐specific workflow

You can achieve increased efficiency in industrial manufacturing with a high degree of automation. This also applies to the procedural landscape of technical documentation. All activities in this value chain should be automated if possible and optimally coordinated with one another. Unnecessary activities should be identified and eliminated. We analyze and organize your workflow in technical documentation from the development phase to the printing of your technical documents.

  • Analysis of the current documentation process
  • Develop suggestions to optimize the process
  • Structuring and modularization of the documentation
  • Selection of more suitable tools (editors, CMS, translation software, graphics program, program for support in EC conformity assessment procedures)
  • Increased efficiency by means of outsourcing
  • Improved legal and standard conformity

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