Content management systems and tools  

Why do I need a tool other than MS Word?

You can work with MS Word in a structured way, but the tool does not support it in particular. For larger documents full of cross-references and with generated directories, Word is too unstable. Modularization and reuse is complicated and error-prone, layout changes are a nightmare. The investment in tools developed specifically for technical documentation is definitely worth it.

Do I have to purchase a content management system in order to work efficiently?

That depends on many factors: How complex are your documents, how many people are involved, how are translations handled, hows do you transfer data from other systems ... these and many other questions are relevant for the decision.

Which content management system is the best?

There is no answer that applies to all users. In the consulting process, we compare your requirements with the possibilities offered by different systems and support you in selecting the system best suited to your needs.

Trainings | Workshops | Training on the job

Where do trainings and workshops take place?

In the A2 Doku GmbH training room or, depending on the type of event, directly on the client's premises.

At what time do trainings begin and end?

Training days usually start at 9:00 am and end at 16:00 pm.

What is the best number of participants for training workshops?

The number of participants should not exceed 12 for theory related events. For events with a practical part, we recommend limiting the number of participants to a maximum of 6.

Is it possible to book workshops and training courses adapted to special needs?

Workshops or training courses can be individually adapted to customer or project requirements at any time.

Can I talk to the trainer before a course?

In the case of individually tailored events, the exact recording of requirements and planning of the implementation by the lecturer is part of the service. This is not usual for general events.

What are the advantages of moderation in technical documentation?

The potential for optimisation is often only revealed by looking from the outside and talking to representatives of different departments.
As part of an on-site moderation, an expert from the area of standards/guidelines, content management systems and/or technical documentation asks questions about the current situation. The aim is to get suggestions for improvement from the resulting discussion, some of which can be implemented immediately.


What are the advantages of structured writing?

The consistent implementation of writing rules above all increases the quality of the documentation. In addition to a uniform "look and feel" of the information products, structured writing improves the reuse of text modules (single-source-publishing) and leads to considerable cost savings when translating documents into other languages.

Graphics and illustrations

How do you achieve uniformity in the creation of graphics?

A uniform "look and feel" in the creation of graphics can be achieved through the consistent implementation of design laws. These have long since proven themselves in the areas of typography and layout and are very suitable for the systematic conception and creation of graphics.


What does it cost?

Costs can only be estimated on a project-by-project basis. Our goal is that the effort is appropriate for your product.

What information is necessary to prepare an offer for a technical documentation?

Offers can be prepared on the basis of test equipment, inspection of machines and plants, previous documentation, pictures and graphics, development plans, specifications, development documentation, etc.

How does A2 Doku GmbH handle confidential documents?

Data protection and data security have top priority. Therefore, all necessary measures are taken to ensure maximum security. This can of course be confirmed by a written confidentiality agreement.

Is an on-site deployment possible?

If the project requires it, on-site work is possible. Depending on the complexity of the project, times have to be scheduled at the client for initial phases. An on-site deployment for the entire duration of the project is unusual, but in special cases it is also necessary.

Can offers be made at a fixed price?

If the effort can be estimated on the basis of meaningful information provided in sufficient detail, a fixed price offer can be prepared.

Style guide and processes

What is a style guide?

A style guide describes the processes and procedures that apply to the creation of technical documentation in an enterprise. It also documents guidelines for tools, layouts, templates and design of graphics as well as guidelines for working with a content management system.

How complex does a style guide have to be?

This depends on the company and the documentation to be produced. If a content management system is used, the requirements for modularisation must be described as well as processes and design specifications. This makes the style guide more comprehensive. In general, however, it should not be overloaded and should only specify so much that the creation of technically correct and uniformly designed documentation is guaranteed. This way it will also be accepted by external departments that are to contribute to the documentation and review.

What processes does A2 Doku GmbH use?

A2 Doku GmbH has its own quality management system. This is applied to all internal and external projects. If the customer wishes to proceed according to his own quality standards, this is implemented. The customer process is then mapped in an A2 work instruction.

EC conformity assessment procedure

What are the main steps to be taken in the EC conformity assessment procedure?

  • Definition of the intended use of the product
  • Determination of the relevant EC directives and the corresponding standards
  • Determination of requirements and conditions for your product
  • Must a so-called "notified body" be included in the conformity assessment procedure (obligation is laid down in the directives - usually for products with high risks)
  • Checking the conformity of your product with the requirements of directives and standards
  • Preparation of technical documentation (internal / external), including declaration of conformity
  • Translation of the external documentation into the respective official language if the product is used in an EU member state.
  • CE marking - clearly legible and permanently affixed. Afterwards: Product monitoring obligation!

What documents must the operator have before commissioning a complete machine?

The declaration of conformity and operating instructions or other information relevant to the user (provided these are not part of the operating instructions) in the language in which they were drawn up and the translated versions in the official language of the country of use.

When does a responsible person act with gross negligence?

If he does nothing the probability of acting with gross negligence is much higher than if he does something but makes mistakes. Important: Decisions must be documented.

What is partly completed machinery?

"Partly completed machinery" means an assembly which is almost machinery but which cannot in itself perform a specific application. A drive system is partly completed machinery. Partly completed machinery is only intended to be incorporated into or assembled with other machinery or other partly completed machinery or equipment, thereby forming machinery to which this Directive applies. [Source: Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC Article 2 (g)]

Is a risk assessment mandatory in mechanical engineering?

The manufacturer of machinery or his authorised representative must ensure that a risk assessment is carried out in order to determine the health and safety requirements which apply to the machinery. The machinery must then be designed and constructed taking into account the results of the risk assessment. [Source: Machinery Directive 2006/95/EC Annex I 1]

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